Shopify Theme / ReTheme Package


This service is designed for business owners who are already on Shopify and looking to refresh their store design to a whole new theme from the Shopify Theme Store. We utilize the functions and features included within the theme and build out a new look for your store.

This package does not include custom coding.

PRICING: $3,000*

*This package doesn't qualify for an affiliate store discount because your store is already active and we cannot sign you up as an affiliate shop unless you're starting a new account on Shopify.

Starting Another Shopify Store? Consider Being An Affiliated Store

Read more on affiliated stores here.


  • Branding - We'll ensure your visual branding is set up in the new theme. This includes your store logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Asset Transfers - To facilitate the visual branding, we'll migrate your existing images, logo, fonts, and any other assets over to the new theme.
  • Homepage - We'll set up your homepage sections with existing assets, or new assets that you provide if you'd like to replace anything.
  • Content Review - We'll ensure that your existing text content doesn't have any visual issues when displayed in the new theme.
  • Bug Check -


  • Custom Coding - Looking to add a little bit more or make a few tweaks to your theme? We can add on custom coding either at our hourly rate or a fixed cost if you have a specific list of changes / additions you'd like to see.
  • Asset Creation - Need more promo images created? We can add new asset creation on to your ReTheme package either at our hourly rate or a fixed cost if you have a specific list of assets desired early in the process.
  • About Us Page - We can write new copy for your About page to help you connect with customers. Sharing your story helps build trust and lets customers know they're supporting real people.
  • Storytelling / Customer Messaging - Because people love supporting other people by buying from their small businesses, it's important to have compelling, persuasive, and informative written copy all over your website to help customers feel connected with you in a way that makes them want to support you by optimizing your brand storytelling across your entire website.
  • Product Description Writing - Looking to refresh and/or optimize your product description copy for SEO? We can help! We offer different description services based on word length, starting as low as $20 per product description.
  • Blog Article Writing - Blog articles are an effective way of expanding on your brand's storytelling, and SEO optimized blog articles are an ultra effective way to increase traffic over time. By expanding your blog article count, you give Google more content to consume and archive, and ultimately use to send potential customers your way. There's no instant fix or magic wand when it comes to getting traffic to your site, but a consistent blogging strategy over time has a massive impact for your business over the long term.
  • Additional Content Writing - Looking for additional page content writing aside from the About page, product pages, or blog articles? We can help! Just let us know what you'd like and we can help make it happen!