Theme Package - Flux


This mid-level service is designed for business owners who are bringing a small business online, migrating an existing web store to Shopify, or are already on Shopify and looking to update a theme to a newer version*1 or are looking for improvements and/or a theme refresh to a whole new theme.

We go well above-and-beyond the basics by adding in all kinds of perks established businesses need to ensure their websites are their best sales rep.

*1 If you have theme customizations, this package may require an additional charge to accommodate the migration of custom code.

PRICING: Regularly $5,000

Why the difference? How can we charge less, you ask? Affiliated Stores!

Affiliated stores allow us to keep our costs lower for everyone we proudly serve.

Consider Being An Affiliated Store

Read more on affiliated stores here.


  • Development Store Setup - If you're getting started with us, we'll set up your development store (which qualifies you for the lower pricing). If you have an existing store which we cannot restart and save the history of, we will skip this step.
  • Professional Shopify Theme - Installation of one of Shopify's free or premium themes. Premium theme cost not included.
  • Homepage Setup - We setup your homepage utilizing Shopify theme sections to display Promos, Featured Products, and Featured Content (ie: Blog Articles, or Featured Text).
  • Contact Page Setup - We setup your contact page with a standard contact form, and your physical contact information (ie: Phone number) if you have offline contact information. 
  • About Us Page -We'll create an About Us page for your store. The content is up to you.
  • Policy Pages - Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Terms of Service. We create and populate your policy pages with standard information. It'll be up to you to modify it if you need to.
  • Products - If you're migrating over to Shopify, we'll configure your product data to import in to Shopify. Manually adding products can be daunting. We include manual entry of up to 10 product as part of this package. If you have a large catalog, if you're a new site (bringing your brick-and-mortar online, for example), or your products need to otherwise be manually added to your store - we'll handle the first few and provide instructions on how you can do the rest. If you'd prefer we do it, we'll have to add an extra fee depending on your number of products.
  • Collections - We'll set up your collections as defined by you. Each collection will auto-populate as you add products via a condition (ie: product tag, product type, etc). You may be asked to define your product conditions to help us with organizing your catalog.
  • Navigation Structure - We'll setup your site's navigation structure based on an outline you provide. You know your products and content better than we will, and we'll need your help.
  • Shipping Configuration - We'll enter some simple shipping rules for your store. We suggest the real-time shipping rates add-on with your plan to get the most accurate rates if you require more than a single shipping rule. A single shipping rule example would be: "Free Shipping on Orders Over $100. $10 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders Under $100."
  • Store Settings - We'll configure your store settings based on information you provide us.
  • Domain Connection - We will connect your business domain name to your Shopify site and ensure a proper redirect for your customers. We generally suggest GoDaddy for domains, just for increased management control.
  • SEO - Shopify's default Search Engine Optimization tools will be taken full advantage of. Additional SEO is not included.


  • Additional Pages - Have more pages beyond the basics included in Spark? No problem. We'll add more, up to twenty (20) pages.
  • App Installations - We'll install and configure up to three (3) apps on your store. App costs not included.
  • Additional SEO (301) Redirects - If you're a migrating shop, we'll log and redirect your old links so that they don't become dead links. Dead links are bad for SEO. We'll keep Google from punishing your site for ugprading.
  • Google Analytics - We'll plug your Google Analytics code in to the site. We'll need you to create your Google Analytics account if you don't have one already.
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel - We'll plug your Facebook Tracking Pixel code in to the site. We'll need you to create your Facebook Tracking Pixel on your Facebook business page if you don't have one already.


  • Full SEO Check - Not included in this package.
  • Custom Invoice / Packing Slips - Not included in this package.
  • Gift Card Customization - Not included in this package.
  • Additional Sales Channels - Not included in this package.
  • Custom Promo Graphics - Not included in this package.
  • Payment Gateway Setup - This is generally your responsibility given the sensitive nature of the information involved (Banking Info, Tax IDs).
  • Social Media Marketing - Not included in this package. If you don't have a social media business pages yet, consider adding a Social Media Marketing Quick Start Package.
  • General Marketing - Not included in this package.