The Eczema Company

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Helix has worked with The Eczema Company (and its shared brands: It’s an Itchy Little World and YoRo Naturals) for the past 4 years improving its overall awareness, conversion and retention funnels.

Helix has helped The Eczema Company increase their traffic by 200%, while increasing revenue by 193%. Returning user revenue has also increased by 200%.

Helix’s strategy for email marketing has increased that channel's revenue by 1000%.

"As a small business owner, I had run my online marketing for years by myself. It came to a time where I just had too much going on and was overwhelmed by literally everything. I had no time to grow the business. I was just maintaining the status quo. Something had to give if I wanted my business to truly thrive. The thought of turning over my marketing efforts seemed like this impossible task - how would I find the time to train someone? And since my business was like my own baby, how could I ever trust someone to take over? Laura was recommended by a friend and I am so endlessly grateful to have found her. She took over all marketing efforts (social media, blog post writing, influencer management, email marketing and quite a lot more) seamlessly with no training and instantly became my "right arm" and my voice. It was such a relief to have her take the marketing reigns. I just wish I'd found her sooner!" - Jennifer Roberge, Owner of The Eczema Company

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