Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Davenport Iowa

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1) Site Migration from WordPress
2) Site Setup
3) Theme Setup
4) Theme Customization

We don't run any eCommerce through our website, so I didn't think Shopify was a fit for us. After talking with Scott at Helix, he mentioned the security issues we were experiencing with our WordPress powered site would never go away without a major investment in security. Those security issues were immediately remedied just by switching over to Shopify! The new site design is more professional than what we had before. It felt like we were overpaying for Shopify hosting; however, when factoring in the removed headaches of security and management - it's WELL WORTH IT! We highly suggest considering Shopify for your non-eCommerce site needs, and we absolutely recommend hiring Helix to take care of it for you! - Danyelle Pinkerton

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