Why You Should Customize Shopify Emails: A Q+A with Spently

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Let's be honest. Shopify customer notifications are pretty basic. 

Sure, you can send an abandoned cart email or notify customers that their order has shipped, but what if you could leverage these emails to improve repeat purchases? After all, customer retention is key to a business’ profitability.

According to a SparkPost 2020 Benchmark Report, transactional emails are on the rise, but merchants are not investing enough in maintaining consistent deliverability, engagement and quality [1]. 

That’s where Spently steps in.

Spently allows merchants to customize Shopify emails with various marketing components and follow-up sequences, thus turning these notifications into their own independent sales channel.

Want to learn more?

Check out our FAQ with Roddy Smith, Director of Sales and Partnerships at Spently below!

I’m already sending newsletters, do I REALLY need to optimize my transactional emails?

Yes!  Your transactional emails are opened 5 times more than a newsletter.  Not everyone signs up or opts in to email marketing, with Spently we can ensure that shoppers who have purchased from you but don't receive your newsletters are given an upsell in their most opened emails.

What’s the top converting transactional email? How can Spently help me increase those conversions? 

The top 3 converting transactional emails are the Order Confirmation when a shopper is most excited about their purchase and your brand. The Shipping Confirmation when they are most impatient for their order to arrive, and the account welcome - if they have gone to the trouble of creating an account to speed up the checkout process chances are they are pretty interested in your brand. My personal favourites are the order cancelled and order refund notifications, often seen as a negative email I see merchants regularly driving sales off of them particularly if they have had a positive customer service experience.

How are Spently’s notification emails different than my Shopify emails?

The Shopify default notifications definitely do the trick. Where they let you down is they don't match your brand, site, and voice. They also don't have any recommended products or a discount code to incentivize a repeat purchase.  Finally, they are a bit of a blind spot in Shopify as you don't know how they are performing whereas with Spently we provide analytics so you can see what people are clicking on along with open rates.

Alternatively, other providers are able to offer newsletters, flows and segmentation, but don’t handle the transactional side of things. With standard ESPs, you won’t be able to upsell with recommended products or a unique discount code. Spently is currently the only Shopify app that offers unique marketing components and integrations for transactional emails.

I just started selling online, can my business benefit from using Spently?  

Starting out on Shopify can be daunting and difficult. You have most likely spent a very long time optimizing and fine tuning your site. With Spently let's ensure your first touch point after they have made a purchase is geared to get them back in your store and buy again!

How can Spently help improve my Customer Lifetime Value?  

Spently helps drive repeat purchases.  Not everyone will sign up to newsletters or email marketing but the vast majority of shoppers will save their transactional emails for years to come.  By making them easily shopped and linking back to specific collections, products, or promotions it's a great way to drive a repeat purchase increase CLV, increase ROAS, and decrease CPA.

My time and resources are limited, how much time do I need to set up Spently?  

We have spent a very long time obsessing over our builder.  There are 21 store notifications that Shopify sends on your behalf with Spently's global settings setup doesn't take very long and once you have dialed in the look and feel on your order confirmation you can quickly scroll through the other 20 emails adding in marketing where it fits.  Total time to setup about an hour. Once done you can let it ride and see what kind of revenue we generate.

Read to start leveraging your email notifications and increase your ROI? You can get a 30-day free trial with Spently here!


[1] https://marketingland.com/brands-are-neglecting-transactional-emails-leading-to-deliverability-issues-and-lost-customers-275192

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