Introducing Shopify Email Automation

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Shopify, the ecommerce powerhouse, has just rolled out another new feature: Shopify Email. Offering the ability to create, run, and track email marketing campaigns all within Shopify,  this new marketing tool is designed to help merchants build more meaningful relationshipswith their customers.  

With email for Shopify, creating a marketing campaign has never been easier, thanks to customizable templates and existing brand assets.  Merchants can also measure the success of their campaigns as the new tool provides analyticson email open and click-through rates, as well as the number of items added to cart and purchased.  

In addition, tools such as segmentation are automatically available with Shopify Email, allowing business owners to send email campaigns specifically targeting customers based on a variety of factors, including location, abandoned carts, and repeat purchases.  

It also works with third-party marketing apps such as Seguno, Omnisend, and SMSBump,making it easy to run a variety of different marketing campaigns.

The rollout of Shopify Email comes nine months after its recent split with Mailchimp, nicely filling in the gap left behind.  For start-ups who can’t yet invest in bigger ESPs such as Klaviyo, it’s the perfect email solution

However, for larger businesses, we consider investing in a solid ESP like Klaviyo mainly because the segmentation of Shopify Email is too simplistic for bigger needs. Consider that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return is $32. Therefore, although Klaviyio comes at a price - as opposed to being free for Shopify sellers like Shopify Email is - it’s a worthwhile investment for bigger brands.  

At the moment, Shopify Email is currently only available to select merchants, however, there are plans to make it more widely available in the new year so that all of their one million merchants around the world can benefit from this marketing tool.  

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